10 Tips to Keep Hair Healthy

Hair is undoubtedly the best asset of a woman!

Good hair days and bad hair days make or break our image when we are out and so it becomes important to take very good care of these beautiful strands.

10 Tips to Keep Hair Healthy

10 Simple Tips to Keep Hair Healthy.

  1. Apply hair oil potion to your hair and cover it with a plastic wrap and leave it for about 30 minutes. It will make your hair shiny even on bad-hair days.
  2. If you don’t have sufficient time for a quick treatment, use a stylish head gear like a bandana or a scarf to cover your head and get into a cool biker look.
  3. Covering your hair often will protect them from harmful effect of pollution and keep your hair healthy.
  4. Eat a balanced diet to keep your hair nourished. They are like other parts of the body and require good nourishment to stay strong and shiny.
  5. To get bounce in your beautiful hair, use this simple trick of applying conditioner before shampoo while washing to get that extra bounce. Since a conditioner doesn’t rinse off completely, it adds volume to your hair in just one wash.
  6. Drinking lots of water is another essential thing you can do to make your hair healthy. After all nourishment begin from within the body.
  7. Avoiding a common mistake of brushing your hair when they are wet can help in reducing hair fall. This is because they are weak and tend to break and fall more easily when they are wet.
  8. If your scalp is infected with dandruff, make sure you treat it at the earliest to avoid feeling uncomfortable due to flakes and itching. Use good and dermatologically tested products like which suit your skin type.
  9. If you are about to go for swimming, wet your hair properly before getting into the pool. This is because the hair absorb limited amount of water and if you wet them with normal water before wetting them in chlorine water of pools, chlorine will not get absorbed in them.
  10. Do not use products with harsh chemicals and do not blow dry your hair regularly to keep them from getting damaged.

Oct 16, 2015