12 Ways Of Supermarket To Take Out Money From Your Pockets

January 22, 2016 Off By ridhi

Every time you went shopping at the supermarket, YOU end up buying more stuff, sounds familiar, well it is not your fault. You were forced to do so, by choice of course. So, what are the reasons, you go to supermarket and end up buying lot of stuff that is not required. Here we will find out some reasons that compel the buyer to “purchase more”.

FC-shopping supermarket

Soothing music: Yes music played by store does have magical effect, you tend to slow down, and this slow walk indeed speeds up the shopping spree inside the big grocery shop.

Decor inside the mall to make you ga-ga over the shopping: Yes, the decoration inside the mall, do create influence on you. Luxurious feeling tend to motivate the buyers pulse.

Cart sizes are bigger for a reason: The empty space in cart pleads to fill more. Whenever you are buying few things, make sure you don’t carry these big carts.

Special offers and buy one get one is not the good offer: Always check the quantity and price that is of the product without offer. Remember there is nothing free in the capitalist world.

Extra offer or extra 30-40%: Ask yourself “do I need it”. Yes indeed every one need free stuff, however, what if the food product you consume twice in a month will do in your store if it is more than you required. It will end in garbage as it will ruin. So, make sure you do judgment on these kinds of offer.

Color strategy: Appealing colors are used for food packaging, make sure your purchase is need based not packaging based. Red is the most appealing color, you will see food products mostly in the color red.

Basic essentials will be at the other end of the store, you when you walk through you purchase other items also, even when you need basic items only.

Stuff for kids is always at lower areas, so that kids will take it and become adamant and you have to buy that for your kid. It is another smart trick of supermarkets.

Arrangement is what compels you to buy more; tea and coffee counter will be adjacent to cookies and biscuits. So you end up buying these smartly arranged items in the shelves.

Smart and nice packing: Packing does play an important role, however, you can avoid smartly packed raw food items as not only it will cost more, it is not healthy even.

Too much choices leaves person in confusion and in that confusion a wise decision is not taken. So make sure you know what you want and which brand suits your budget and taste.

Ever wonder why chocolates and toffees are at check-out counters- to make sure you purchase them if you are hungry or just addicted to it. Make sure you are full before going for shopping.

Hope, now you will know what to do, in case you have forgotten your list or haven’t made any before you enter the big grocery shop.

Jan 22, 2016