Bold and Soft Bedroom Paint Ideas

Bold and Soft Bedroom Paint Ideas

May 26, 2017 Off By ridhi

“Being both soft and strong is a rare combination very few master.”

Bright happy colors buzzing in energy to a soft delicate shade of pink in a bedroom Painting ideas is an absolute treat to the eyes. Who wouldn’t want to wake up seeing vibrancy of beautiful red and vivacity of blue to kick start the day!  Achieving goals becomes easier when you open your eyes to a high-spirited atmosphere creating an exuberant and cheerful ambience which transcends to your own mind to reflect in your behavior. The soft baby pink will keep you mentally calm and steady while the bright hues of blue and red will give you the energy to become a highflier.

Bright spark Colour Shades

Bright spark is added by the burgundy shade of Empress Red in this room, which has been unusually used to break the standard rules of using this only in gym, dining or living room. It is considered one of the most stimulating colors and so kick starting your day seeing this color as you open your eyes in the morning will give you energy and attitude to face the day. Any metal or wooden geometrical shape can be spray or gun painted to create the focal the point. Geometrical shapes have specific impact on your minds. Circular shapes convey feelings of tenderness, friendship, protection, affection, support etc. Squares, rectangles and pyramids create an impact of balance, stability, power and strength. Soft curves, sphere, slight waves etc. stimulate feelings of rhythm, movement, sway, generosity, happiness, pleasure, etc. Hence, use the shape that suits your taste and the best aspects about these is they always look good when used independently, or even when cluttered together or set into a specific design. This is an innovative design which has been thought out and implemented nicely.

Vivacious blue Colour Shades

Vivacious blue on the walls here looks vibrant and cheerful. In addition to this it also depicts intellect and intelligence. It is a cool color and this design uses a bright shade of it, which could mean efficiency in a calm environment creating an ambience. It is the color of the mind and soothes us after a tiring day at work. The walls make this room a good space for concentration and sincerity to keep you grounded and strong.

Beautiful Pink Colour Shades

Beautiful is just one word to define this baby pink bed which conveys tender heart in a strong mind. This shade shows femininity, warmth and tranquility. It creates a soothing and ‘cared-for’ feel as it is nurturing and relaxing for the mind. It is considered as a positive color and which pushes you towards goodness and hope and helps you seeing the positives around and it inspires people to be good at heart and keep a calm mind.

Therefore, this room wall ideas has been designed to bring out the best in you by motivating you and inspiring you to stay energetic yet keeping you relaxed and calm.