IAS coaching in India-some right preparation tips

IAS coaching in India-some right preparation tips

August 12, 2016 Off By ridhi

IAS preparations are now much easier with right guidance. If you are an IAS aspirant then we have some cool tips for you to crack the exam confidently. IAS Coaching in India is an integral part of the current education scenario. Many students have golden dreams in their eyes to be in this highly prestigious profession but only a selected few are successful enough in make them come true. Now you can also be one among those lucky few. Just follow these simple tips and see the magic.

Points to Remember while preparing for IAS

  • Current Affairs should be well versed through newspapers, internet and television. Everyday devote some time going through the recent activities in and around the world and meticulously jot down the important events or news date wise.
  • Working Hard has to be combined well with Working Smart. Help yourself with some intelligent planning and you will surely be a winner.
  • Chalk out a good time table which is easy to follow and also completes the syllabus on time. E.g. divide the number of days in a week to study certain subjects. Always set aside a few days for revisions, devote extra time for the portions you find difficult.
  • Solving old and mock question papers periodically is another great idea. You can even take up online tests to get into the habit of solving the questions easily.
  • Prepare your own good notes by highlighting the main points. Writing always helps in good memorization in the long run so always take a pen and copy to make your own notes and important references.
  • Concentrate on one subject or topic at a time. Instead of multi- tasking, single tasking at a time will give you better understanding of the subject.
  • Keep yourself motivated enough for good self-study. Read articles written by IAS toppers and analyze their ways of studying and their planning for the exam.

Some tips from the Toppers directly

  • Tusharanshu Sharma : CSE 2014, Rank 75

As Tusharanshu puts it discipline with healthy breaks are equally important. During his breaks he preferred being alone rather than being in crowd. He resorted to individual habits and hobbies like watching inspirational videos, playing Guitar or Painting.

  • Naman Upadhaya : CSE 2015, Rank 106

Naman believes hard work always pays off though it may take some time but knowledge never goes waste. Working on our weaknesses will eventually increase our knowledge for future attempts.

  • Chandra Mohan Garg : CSE 2015, Rank 25

According to Chandra Mohan we should use all mediums selectively whether it is online, books or notes. He used to make notes by following basic books and newspapers holistically. He even managed daily breaks for about an hour and a half for his interests and hobbies and also weekly break for half a day.

Right IAS Coaching in India by following the above tips will surely help you emerge with flying colors in the IAS exams. Best of Luck!