Let’s detailed out the five elementary varieties of rice

Rice, the most loved food among all. Being the most desired food of every cuisine, it can be easily served out at any meal and as snacks also. Rice comes in a number of varieties which through its unique taste and rich flavor captures the most desired place on the table. All the rice varieties are special. Some are known for their chewy texture, some are known for their nutty flavor and some are delicious in their special way. All the flavors are liked by the people all over the world.


All the varieties possess special class and different style of cooking. If you are still ignorant of the varied types of rice in the market, then let’s explore out the elementary varieties of rice in little detail:

Milled rice (White rice)

Milled rice is the basic rice among the large collection. Many people are unknown of the process of the rice being delivered from the ground to their plate. During its process of harvesting, it undergoes through the milling process and turns out the tasty food item that goes wonderful with almost every dish. Many argued on the nutritional rice content of the white one but passed all the queries as it contains the similar vitamin texture similar to the brown one.

Brown rice

Brown rice is the one that comes out from the harvesting process without getting polished. It actually contains the entire grain apart from the husk of the main course. Its richer texture comes from the combination of its bran and germ. This is the rice that is rich in vitamins and also holds loads of natural oils in it. It demands cool storing system which makes it perfectly fit for long.

Parboiled rice

Rice that stand between the white and the brown rice is the parboiled rice. To catch up the main nutrients of the rice, parboiled rice get steam cooked before the milling process which lets it capture its nutrients. The color of this rice is little darker than white one and if you want to get it recognized during the cooking procedure, than it sound perfect for that. So, grab the fluffy and firm texture owned rice with this one.

Aromatic rice

Defined with its name, aromatic rice is the jasmine rice that fills the environment with its roasted peanuts sort of smell and tangled the taste buds with its chewy texture. This rice has attained varied named in various countries among which its Basmati rice name is quite prominent in the country like India. If you want to have flavored choice in terms of food menu, then go for the aromatic one which will let you fill your senses with aroma.

Wild rice

Wild rice explains itself with its name. It’s the type of grass that surpasses the look of rice. You can say that it is the relative of rice. This rice seems to give a look of a grass but tends to be tasty enough with its woody texture.

The above mentioned are the primary varieties of rice which lets you enhance your cooking experience. So, try out the above mentioned rice variety and make out mesmerizing rice recipes.