Videocon D2H High Definition Set Top Box For Digital Tv’s

May 11, 2023 Off By ridhi

People throughout India have been watching television through the service provided by the cable operators for the past 2 decades. Due to the technological advancement in telecommunication the need for the cable operators has started coming down. The broadcasters have started to transmit the signals in digital form and the subscribers availing the service of cable operators need to buy set top box of cable operators to receive these digital signals. But these do not have advance features and are also not the preferable set to box for digital tv’s in India. Since the digitization of 42 cities in India there has been a lot of set top box in India provided by the different cable operators.

Videocon D2H High Definition

The 2 major type of set top box of cable operators are Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). The cable operators have been charging high amount for these set top boxes and are also charging high for the low quality and less number of channels provided by them. This makes their stb’s not the right set top box for digital tv in India. More over complains and queries have been taken a long time to get solved and answered which has made the customers angry.

The solution to this agony faced by the people is to avail the service provided by the dth service providers. The set top box provided by them is much better than the set top box of cable operators. They customer service provided by them is by far superior to the cable operators. There are 6 such service providers in India who are listed below according their growing popularity.

  1. Videocon d2h
  2. Dish tv
  3. Tata Sky
  4. Airtel Digital tv
  5. Reliance Digital tv
  6. Sun Direct

There are 3 types of set top boxes made by these companies. They are Digital SD, Digital HD and Digital HD DVR. The Digital SD is used for watching digital Standard Definition videos, Digital HD is used for watching Digital High Definition and Standard Definition videos and Digital HD DVR is used for watching and recording Digital High Definition and Standard Definition. Some of the set top boxes are made in Indian and some are made in china. The set top box of companies imported from china will be charged more when compared to those in India due to the import duty on it.

Videocon d2h has been known for its product and service innovation in the country. We do provide the above mentioned 3 types of stb’s with some new innovations in it when compared to other service providers in India making ours the most preferable set top box for digital tv’s. Our set top boxes are made in India and are the reason for the low price tag on our stb’s.

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