What To Consider Before Making LinkedIn Summary

Globalization has shrunk the world in a closed-knit environment with the world getting smaller due to technology, networking is essential to make sure that your skills are highlighted in the competitive market.

To seek attention in professional network LinkedIn has given a social platform and through ‘LinkedIn summary’ you can add a brief detail about yourself and your experience. Not only, this helps in seeking attention of potential recruiters, you may find a dedicated quality audience which will be interested to learn from your experience.

LinkedIn Summary

Before writing LinkedIn summary, make sure you know that it should be highly professional; you should know who you want in your circle and what sort of profile you want on display, if you are a job seeker than your summary should highlight the technical and soft skill you have along with the experience. If you are a professional motivator or life coach, then your summary should be different and interesting, it should tell that how your skills can help people achieving their goals, or maintain a healthy work-life balance etc.

Summary will be that step which will create mystery in the user mind and will help you building your network. You can create a powerful summary by describing your accomplishments, principles, goals and vision with the help of a video, or a picture or a document. As the word limit is 2000 including spaces, you will find enough to write about you. However, make sure that it’s the quality that’s matters not quantity.

Jan 22, 2016