7 Daily Skin Care Essentials Tips For Youthful Skin

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Toxic air and junk food, we are ruining our body from outside and inside, we are making environment polluted, there is no fresh air because of our fossil fuel consumption along with it worse we are doing is to add excessive amount of junk food. You are aware it is not good for health still you neglect because you think you have no time.

Well, we are here with some simple steps which you can add up in your morning and night routine so that your body can revive and look young, if you are unaware about the largest organ of your body  i.e. your skin need care and your question is HOW? then read the simple ways and follow them for your own beautiful you.

FC-Daily Skin Care Essentials

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Do favor to yourself and stop stuffing junk food to your body that includes your favorite potato chips or cookies or burgers or pizzas. Yes, it is hard because your taste buds are accustomed to it.


Whenever you want to cheat and eat junk food than do one thing, every time you lift a cookie and want to eat it, look at cookie and say “you are making me fat” and on second cookie say “I will become ugly if I will eat you”, if universe still conspires you to eat the third cookie than say “I will die every early due to my sick health as I am eating you”. Hope this will help. It works try it for few days.

Include Fiber in your diet and save your digestion eat apples and other fiber rich foods in your diet, you will surely feel the wonders after a week if you will consume fiber.

Do proper cleansing at night, clean your make up, cleanse your face, use warm water to open pores and use tissue with cleansing oil to remove dirt and then splash cold water on face to close the pores. Make sure your towel is clean too, not damp and dried, but fresh and washed.

Add herbs in your life you can get immense benefits of herbs including green tea and lemon tea. Fresh curry leaves, basil etc. do make a difference.

Drink water, lemon juice, carrot juice, orange juice or any other freshly squeeze juice in your diet and let the fluids do magic to your skin, you will feel the difference within a month.

Ditch coffee and tea before night time, it is essential to get your system working and repairing is a part of it, and caffeine hinders the sleep and deprives your body from required sleep hours.

Make sure you change your bed sheet twice in a week or fortnight, however pillows should be changed daily or in two days, it will save your face and hairs from acne and dandruff respectively.

No matter how much tired you are, stressed you are, these steps will relax your mind and skin and adding them as a part and parcel of your life, you will surely reap the benefits of youthful looking skin.


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