Important Grooming Skin Care Tips For Men

May 11, 2023 Off By ridhi

If you think your skin doesn’t need care than you are mistaken for sure. Remember the times when Kings and Warriors used to get pamper in their spare time. Well, along with Women, Men also need attention and should care for their skin. Well, after all why only ‘girls’ should get feel good factor. After all Men Skin is important too, than why to neglect the essentials of skin care routine.

Three rituals are very important for skin care:




As skin of men is thicker in comparison to women, after cleansing exfoliation is required. The face bear the pain of pollution, oil, and rough hair etc., so dead cells get accumulated on the skin. This step cleansed the skin’s dead cells. However, daily exfoliation is not recommended as new skin will be more prone to damage and admit it you don’t have time, right? So, just do it once a week and try to use scrub per your skin type.

Grooming Skin Care

Make sure after scrubbing your face and with whole new skin minus dead cells, you massage your face with face cream or just apply a face pack. It is not bad to treat your skin once in a while. After all why one should not feel the hard yet soft skin. If not for yourself, do it for your other half.

Don’t forget to put the sunscreen lotion as Sun damages skin and end result is scary skin with dark spots and dry coarse stone face. Well, whenever you are come home after a windy, dusty and dry air don’t forget to hydrate your skin apart from your body. Just a simple organic hydrated mask or just apply yoghurt from your fridge onto your face and leave it for 20 minutes.


Well, you can also apply honey or milk just froze the milk and use ice cube on your face. In a hot humid air nothing is more relaxing than the icy feel of ice.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and when we say fluids we mean water. Alcohol is only going to dehydrate your body.

You night care routine is important too, as when we are sleeping our body is at work and repairing the damages done. The skins does the self-cleansing process and tend to breathe so make sure you clean your face and apply a night cream to hydrate skin.

Hope our Indian Men know that their skin is important too and who would not like to get the glance of look of ‘wanted’ by others (read the opposite sex).

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