Mightier Than The Sword

February 10, 2016 Off By ridhi

“Writing is a precious art and Pen is its soul”

Writing is inevitable to our daily life and no matter how many smart gadgets we get, we cannot avoid penning down several times every day. Irrespective of the phase you are going through, pen is one mighty instrument you can’t avoid, be it some most important occasions like birth, death, marriage or separation or the usual situations we hardly notice like signing an index in office or checking the grocery bills at home, we always need a pen.

Your gadgets may fail, your backups may not be accessible, but what you write is permanently stored in your mind and hence, writing is a precious art. This is why without realizing we make it an integral part of our life and unconsciously invest both tangible as well as intangible assets in it like money and time. This has been proved by the reports of one of the industry giants in the last quarter of Dec’ 2015. This report suggests that Linc Pen and Plastics earned huge profits of approx. 3Cr which proves pens are most desired writing instruments across organized market.

Other than the individual customers, corporates create a big demand for pens and pencils and hence, this market is growing at a fast pace to meet the increasing demand. This is why promotional pens or stationary with imprint of company logo and name are common these days. Most of the corporate offices prefer giving out their own stationary items with their names and logos which seems to be the most cost effective way of marketing.

Pen brands are increasingly following this observation and embarking upon a journey to new heights of success and profits through this new demand. It serves as a win-win situation for both as the sale of the brands increases with every dispatch of promotional stationary and while also helping the client doing the promotion to achieve their own promotion targets of reaching out to countless people in least cost. This helps these corporates surface in the minds of prospective clients and create a visibility of themselves in the market.

It is an effective yet subtle way of promoting your brand can be distributed at any corporate event irrespective of its theme, either as a single promotional instrument or as a part of a bigger package. For instance, tradeshows, conferences, seminars, article writing, employee gatherings, provider meetings, customer greetings conferences, seminars, enclaves, speeches, meetings, conclaves, brainstorming sessions, new year gifts, annual meetings, festive gifts, etc.

Other than corporates and businesses, students of every age are the largest consumers and this market was tapped ages back and has been giving consistent profits to pen brands. Pen is one of the most commonly and widely used object and even if the user does not read the message printed on it consciously, he/she will certainly grasp it in his/her subconscious mind and hence the purpose will be served by the pictorial memory. Therefore this style of promotion is certainly one of the most successful ways.

Life may throw curve balls or bouncers, or you may ride it smooth, life is a pitch- you need to write it smooth.