The Love of Vanilla in Recipes

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Vanilla ice cream or Vanilla flavored desserts, the simplicity and charisma of the vanilla extract has bounded  many food lovers and now India especially South of India is harvesting this long slender orchid, the name Vanilla is from Spanish word ‘Vaina’ means ‘little pod’.  Travelling from Mexico to Central America and then travelled to rest of the world due to the method of ‘Hand pollination’ discovered by Edmond Albius who was a slave living in French island of Reunion of Indian Ocean.


Vanilla has a rich history of travelling and this God’s food as considered by Southern Mexico used it extensively in rituals etc. Its fragrance is magical; though it is not sweet on its own it is still used frequently in all sweet dishes to savor taste buds.

Being the second richest spice after saffron, it is highly valued and extensively used in commercial and home use; however as an estimate the majority of the products contain artificial vanilla which contains Vanillin which is byproduct of wood pulp. The food industry extensively used the flavor.  Vanilla has strong aroma and needs low amount to add the flavor in the food. So, if you want to taste rich aroma of true vanilla at home, you can try these delicacies:

FC-Stewed Apple with Vanilla flavor

Stewed Apple with Vanilla flavor:

Peel 3 apples and sauté them in unsalted butter add apple juice and vanilla pods in it, add water and let it cook till apple turns soft, add honey when warm and garnish with choice of your dry fruit: cashew, almonds or walnuts. Cherish the magic of apple with vanilla flavor.

FC-Love Vanilla Coffee

Love Vanilla Coffee

Add coffee and milk with little water and vanilla powder with sugar or stevia and bend the mixture in the blender for 4 minutes, enjoy the love of vanilla in coffee.

Fc-Custard berries with Vanilla

Custard berries with Vanilla

Cook custard in milk and few drops of vanilla essence in it and garnish it with berries or any fruit of your choice.

You can add vanilla essence in any dish you want to bake or dessert it will add the flavor to it, make smoothies and add vanilla essence or powder in it to boost the taste.

It is healthy as it can cure ailments related to stomach, it is also used in aromatherapy and even scientists are researching for the cure of cancer through vanilla. You can store the vanilla pods in airtight container and refrigerate it for a long period of time. Even if it gets dry, just grind it and use it in powder form. You can be cook creatively with vanilla use to make sauce, desserts, cake, coffee, smoothies, tea or just sense the fragrance to relax your nerves. This Vanilla is magical and the love for vanilla is endless. So, don’t forget to indulge in love with it.

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