Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Successful Relationships

Agree or disagree a successful relationship requires work from both ends; a single tire cannot run a two-wheeler, like wise a sweet relationship required small and important gestures in everyday life. To bring the hues of rainbow in your relationship make sure you don’t forget to display your love and affection for each other.

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  1. Expression: The foremost pre-requisite of any relationship, you need to leave hesitation back door and express your love to your lover.


  1. Expectations vs. Reality: Sometimes the movie melodrama is way too out of league and we expect our significant other to behave in the same manner that someone else does, Comeon! That’s not fair, reality is way too different from fiction, if you expect that your partner will leave the crucial meeting which helps him/her sustain her job to meet you, and you are doing injustice to him/her. Be practical, of course the sweet gestures are required however don’t expect sky limit to be crossed.


  1. Be yourself: Sometimes we compromise a lot, yes relationships do require adjustments and compromises, however don’t suffocate yourself, as eventually the real person inside you will choke you for air, so be yourself and set the correct expectations.


  1. Be responsible: I guess this is required in every relationship, so why to leave this important aspect in your love relationship. Irresponsible behavior will end up on bad note, share and care that is the basic one should stick to.


  1. Be happy: Which person doesn’t face trauma or who doesn’t get bad days, however, people who tend to crib can never be happy, and imagine if you are not happy by yourself, how you can keep anyone around you happy. BE HAPPY for yourself, be proud and feel positive about yourself. Seriously, Anger can’t get you anything else apart from destruction and guilt.


  1. Communicate and share: If you are in a dilemma or in any problem, speak out, share it with your partner, and trust your partner he/she is there for you. Don’t let “I can handle on my own” eat you up. Go ahead and talk with your partner, it will help.


  1. Celebrate festivals with zeal and enthusiasm: There is a reason we have festivals and the reason is to share and show care towards each other, be happy and spend time with each other, moreover strengthen the bond called relationship.


  1. Compliment: Everyone likes to get compliment, so don’t take your partner for granted and do give compliment whenever you feel like to give, no fake compliments especially guys as girls will pick and turn nasty if they found out you are bluffing.


  1. Make sure you eat dinner together as dinner is crucial and helps in strengthen relationships. Spend time with each other on weekends or take holidays together, remember work will give you money, your relationships will give you support.


  1. Give Respect and avoid taunt: In every relationship, respect plays an indispensible part, no relationship can survive without respect and if you have the nasty habit of taunting then the soon you correct it the better your relationship will be, taunts and accusations on each other just ruin the love and warmth of relationship, it breaks the symphony of the musical ballad.


Pay heed to advice at least listen seriously what other person is saying, no two people are of same  nature, there will be some conflict, so you can in the end always agree to disagree.

Hope you will take a simple and easy step to day, to make your relationship sweet and successful.

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Feb 15, 2016