Best Way To Decide The Internet Speed You Need

Best Way To Decide The Internet Speed You Need

April 14, 2019 Off By ridhi

Are you in dilemma about what internet speed you need? Don’t worry! You are at the right place. We will help you. Before you make the decision, you must know the exact meaning of internet speed. Here we go..

Internet speed is all about how fast the data packets are transmitted from the world wide web to your device. The device can be a computer, laptop, or mobile phones. Internet speed is measured in Mbps. Make sure you inquire about both downloads as well as upload speed.

Check for Upload and Download Speed Balance

Some broadband connection providers have excellent download speed but very bad upload speed. They have the option to make such settings. So, this type of wifi internet connections will cause a problem for customers who use cloud sharing applications frequently. Also, if you use the internet to play online games, it causes an absolute problem. In such a case, look for the internet provider who ensures symmetrical bandwidth. Here, both the upload as well as download speeds are well balanced.

Check for the type of service

Which type of internet service is available in your area? The speed of your wifi internet connections depends on it. Basically, there are four types of internet service available in the market. It includes fiber, cable, DSL, and satellite. Each one of them offers a different speed.

DSL and satellite types tend to be lower in speed when compared to fiber and cable. This is because satellite internet service is obstructed by weather fluctuation and other internet users. When your broadband connection is fiber or cable, it does not happen! DSL cannot handle the transmission of large data at the same time. So, again the speed reduces.

We consider the cable type of internet service to be comparatively better. However, speed can reduce depending on the amount of usage. Fiber type of internet service has proved to be the high speed. Such wifi internet connections can offer more than 1000 Mbps.

Factors that internet speed depend on:

If you are aware of these factors, it helps you to make the best match between affordability and internet speed. Never pay for the internet speed you actually don’t use. Here is the list of factors:

Number of Internet Users

How many of you use the internet at home? Each one of you might be using the internet from different devices. This determines the exact requirement of internet speed at peak usage. Assess the maximum point. It ensures that you enjoy the internet usage experience without any buffering, lag, or latency problems.

Different Activities

Why do you use a wifi internet connection? Some activities consume more bandwidth than others. For instance, streaming videos absolutely need more bandwidth when compared to just browsing. So, get the internet speed that actually fits your activity requirements.

Usage Pattern

Assume one of your family members is using a broadband connection to watch the game in HD. On the other hand, the kids are chatting online, watching Netflix, and busy gaming. Finding out the internet speed required to balance all such big list of activities is quite complicated. Get advice from the trusted internet service provider and check whether your usage pattern matches the internet plan.

Types of Devices

We totally agree that each house has a number of devices in this digital era. It also includes smart appliances. When you decide about the internet speed, keep all the devices that pull bandwidth at your home.