Explore the Soul of the Capital City, Delhi

April 1, 2016 Off By ridhi

Hyderabad to New Delhi cheap flights are round the corner. Take this as an excuse to visit the capital city of Delhi. Delhi has strived hard, to lure the hearts of the Indians, with the best of the best places to visit here, things to do here, delicacies to gorge on, spots to party, and markets to shop your hearts out.


In every sphere, Delhi has stood out amongst all other cities of India. That is the reason, every day, thousands of people land up in Delhi, for some reason or the other. The flight industries sure are making a fat business, thanks to the perks of Delhi. And that is why they come up with discounts in the flights, to allure and entice the tourists more. These days, Hyderabad to New Delhi cheap flights are quite popular, and even ones from cities like Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Choose the one best suited for you and your family and make way to Delhi.

If these plethora of things were not enough to appease one, Delhi came up with the Delhi Metro, truly the lifeline of Delhi, running like veins in the body, in every nook and corner of Delhi. It carries the Delhiites every day to their destination, a dime a dozen. This million dollar car, has connected millions, earned millions, and gave million dollars smiles to millions. What a marvel, Delhi has in its store!

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) trains are seen parked at a metro depot in New Delhi April 9, 2015. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee  - RTR4WNR4

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) trains are seen parked at a metro depot in New Delhi April 9, 2015. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

Here are some of the facts of Delhi Metro, which will woo your hearts, and let you pack your bags and quickly make way to the capital of India, not for its popular places, food, or monuments, but to travel in its soul.

  1. Despite the skyrocketing costs of maintenance and operation, the Delhi Metro has been making fat profits every year, something which many other public transport haven’t yet been able to achieve. All thanks, to the 12 million population of Delhi!
  1. Delhi Metro has, in a way extended its helping hand to even the street children. A popular NGO, Salaam Baalak Trust runs an orphanage at the Tis Hazari Metro Station on the Red Line. It supports the child paupers and the orphans and aims at giving them a better future.
  1. A weird, yet thoughtful fact about it is that, the escalators on the metro stations have a saree guard feature, which prevents the sarees of women, from getting tangled in them.
  1. The Delhi Metro carries 4 million passengers every day! It is the safety and easy access of this train which has made the Delhi women more open to travel and they can now travel reliably to their work places and more.
  1. This metro cares for the environment too. Rainwater harvesting runs all along the Blue Line of Metro. Also, it has reduced the pollution of Delhi by 630000 tonnes per year. It is the first metro, which has got certification from the UN to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  1. It is the safest mean of communication in Delhi (especially through public transport) and has CCTV cameras fitted everywhere.
  1. Delhi Metro fares are so low, and haven’t changed since 2009! In fact, you can now recharge your cards online, and get more discounts on the normal prices.

Stop searching for list of tourist places in Delhi, and head fast to the city to travel in its heart, indeed.