Is Gel Pen Actually Better Than Other?

May 11, 2023 Off By ridhi

We may have countless things to thank 1980’s for but the one that actually proved useful to all the sectors alike was that of gel pen’s which uses gel ink. No matter which profession one belongs to, there is no way that one hasn’t used this marvelous innovation which reduced the stress from the act of writing and gave the new definition of smooth writing without blots and stains.


It was now that the hassle of giving jerks to pens while writing was not needed because the flow of ink was smoother. It was the dream writing instrument for those who had to write more and needed an affordable, smooth and durable writing instrument on the go. Moreover it did not bleed on the shirt pockets, pencil cases or documents and so was proved to be much more reliable and affordable.

Hence it is now more popular than other types of pens and is most commonly available everywhere. Over time yet another important fact about gel pens was noticed by general users and this added to its popularity. The fact is that its ink is fade proof and this is why it is good for permanent documentation as opposed to other counterparts it has with inks which lightens and fades with time and this fading of ink often even happens with printed documents. This along with the low price and easy availability makes gel pens a viable option for all of us.

These pens use ink in which the pigment is suspended in a water-based gel and this is a thick and opaque ink. This is why it looks clearer on surfaces which are dark or slick in comparison to the inks of usual ballpoint pens or those pens which have felt tip.

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These wonder pens can be used for many purposes of writing and illustration. For instance glitter pens, marker pens, colored pens, highlighting pens, etc. are used everywhere including household, offices, studios, and in all weather conditions.  All these varieties are flooded in the market because of the ever increasing demand and have made other technologies almost obsolete.

Commonly the gel pens have the similar design as regular rollerball pens. They have a barrel for the writing mechanism and a well-fitting cap, and a reservoir or a cartridge filled with ink. These barrels are created in several different designs and sizes to look good and stylish. Some of these wonderful creations are also facilitated with a finger grip of plastic or rubber to give you a better experience of writing in a stress-free way. The size of the nib or pen tip is made in ranges from 0.18 mm to 1.5 mm.

Hence, following are the 2 main advantages of gel pens which cannot be overlooked:

Affordable – Even the very good quality gel pens from reputed brands like Linc Pens are not expensive. The range starts from Rs. 10/ onwards and therefore everyone from students to professionals can easily afford these for regular use and frequently buy them.

Last long – It has been observed that these pens last longer than usual ball point pens as they have gel ink which flows evenly and smoothly while writing hence give the feeling of enhanced value for money.