Magic of Suji / Sooji (Semolina): Its Benefits And Recipes

February 11, 2016 Off By ridhi

Semolina is enriched in protein popularly known as ‘suji’ is a coarse ground grain, it has a yummy texture and taste; it is light to consume and keep the feeling of ‘full’ for a longer duration. It is digested slowly by our body digestive system, it offers tons of energy and even assists in keeping bones and nervous system in good shape as it has selenium in it, Selenium is one of the essential minerals required for cognitive functions. It also boosts the fertility in both men and women.

It helps in building healthy immune system and the best part is it can help you in WEIGHT LOSS also. Being of low glycemic index it can be easily consumed by people suffering from Diabetics.  It is high carbohydrate food yet low in fat and loaded with Vitamins B complex and Vitamin E.

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So, with all the benefits and taste, suji or sooji is indeed magical and here are some recipes to sooth your taste buds.


Veggies Semolina Idli’s :

Chop onion, carrot, red or green bell peppers, in a bowl prepare a mixture of Sooji, curd, tomato puree along with all vegetables, add salt, crushed black peppers and red chili powder to enhance spicy taste, you can also leave red chili if you don’t like it. In the Idli Maker apply oil with brush to grease it and add the prepared idli batter in it. Steam it for 20 minutes and serve it with coconut chutney or tomato sauce.


Everyone’s favorite Sooji ka halwa:

Heat ghee (makkhan) in pan and add sooji in it, stir it continuously till it attain light brown color and then add sugar mix it for a while afterwards add water in it, cook till sugar dissolves completely and stir continuously the contents in pan to avoid formation of lumps, you can also make sugar and water preparation separately and then can add in it. In the end, garnish with choice of dry fruits.


Sooji Ka Upma:

Heat the pan and put sooji in it, stir the sooji till it spreads its aroma in the air of kitchen. In other pan, add a tablespoon of oil, and when the oil is hot add cumin, curry leaves, dry red chili, chopped onion  (you can add vegetables of your choice also along with peanuts), for people who are trying to lose weight don’t add peanuts as it is rich in calories. Add sooji in the pan with salt per your taste and add water, stir the mixture to avoid formation of lumps. Your yummy Upma is ready to eat. Garnish with parsley.

People especially females, who are anemic can get benefits form Semolina, as it is rich in iron; it will boost the iron content and will make you healthy. So, what are you waiting for, let the easy cooking recipes wake up the chef living inside you.

Feb 11, 2016