Mischievous elements painted ‘Messi No. 10” on Ronaldo’s statue in Portugal

January 14, 2016 Off By ridhi

Messi won Ballon d’Or in Zurich and this was not taken in positive manner by few mischievous elements. They vandalized the Statue of Ronaldo which is in hometown of the Real Madrid player. Ronaldo’s home town, in the capital Funchal, Madeira in Portugal witnessed this heinous act. His statue which was unveiled by him in year 2014, in the presence of his relatives was ruined by paint. On his back “Messi No. 10” was written by wicked elements, officers are still in search of the culprits.

Messi No. 10-Statue

This has raged anger across the football lovers, specially Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro has expressed her anger via her personal twitter account.

“I am angry, sad, disappointed and speechless at this so disrespectful lack of maturity,” she wrote. “It is disrespectful for the tourists.

“We all know how proud I am of this person [Ronaldo] — I could spend hours talking about his acts of goodness and qualities. As a Portuguese I am left sad and ashamed.

“Thanks to him [Ronaldo] there has been tourism, jobs created and investment on our lovely island which unfortunately is inhabited by some frustrated savages who deserve to live in Syria. People who have no respect and do not know how to live in society.”

This indeed is upsetting as this is disrespecting, awards are for appreciation and imagine these elements create so much of nuisance that hurts people’s emotions, and it also sends a negative image across media about the place. These kinds of action deserve severe punishment as this vandalizing is for sure done by mischievous elements of society, which wants to create negativity in the society, it may also create ripples in peaceful society as football lovers are devoted to their football gods and this kind of situation can create disturbance.