Salmon The ‘Brainy Food’

Have you ever noticed people who live in coastal regions and there main staple diet is sea food have better eyesight, skin, hair than others. If not, try noticing your friend who lives and only loves sea food especially small fish like salmon. Now, seafood includes lot of things in it, however the best one and called as ‘brainy’ food is salmon fish.  It is dense with nutrients like

  • High quality protein (easy to digest and amino acids from protein are building blocks of our cells)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: For a healthy functioning of human body specifically brain function omega-3 fatty acids are crucial.
  • Vitamins and minerals (potassium, selenium, vitamin- B12, A, C,B6, and magnesium

Salmon the ‘brainy food’

With all the nutrients, the fact among walnuts, flaxseed and other seeds which are enriched in omega-3 fatty acid, Salmon is easy to digest and absorb by our system. With all ‘good’ fat it helps in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular cycle.

Other benefits of Salmon apart from healthy hair, skin, heart, brain are:

  • Salmon contains bioactive peptides which help in reducing problems created due to osteoarthritis and joint pains. It helps in improving bone health and also assists in forming osteoarthritic cartilage.
  • It makes you happy: Wondering how? Well, happiness is an emotion which is triggered by a certain hormone inside the body, with the help of DHA which is present in omega-3 helps in triggering that hormone.
  • It helps in achieving a healthy sleep, as Salmon contains a natural sedative tryptophan.
  • It has Zero Carbohydrate so can be added as a part of healthy diet.

Salmon forms an integral part of any weight loss diet and regime, even during water diet your intake of salmon can helps in fulfilling the need of sodium and potassium, as in water diet there is ‘more’ requirement of these two minerals to replenished the system. Moreover, it helps in removing deficiency caused by absence of these nutrients which can interrupt proper functioning of our body, as sodium helps in maintaining blood pressure, and it holds the liquidity state of blood while potassium is crucial for cells, tissues and organs to perform optimally.

So, if you are planning to start eating healthy than follow our 30 day eating plan to achieve positive results. Also, don’t forget to add Salmon instead of red meat in your regular eating regime to avoid high cholesterol and digestion issues. Best part about adding Salmon is you can cook it any way like, few methods to cook are:

  • Baking
  • Broiling
  • Grilling
  • Pan-Searing
  • Poaching

Salmon can be cooked in less time and by using any of the above methods even Smoked Salmon is good to use as snack or an immediate sandwich lunch instead of oily-greasy fries or burger. It can be cooked per your taste and needs (convenience). Several studies have proved that Salmon benefits are immense and have been overlooked by us; however, there are some ongoing researches which will elaborate in details about the ‘additional’ benefits of this fish. If you are concerned about over-farming and fishing of Salmon than you can be ensured that major exporters of Salmon has adopted sustainable and organic farming methodology to ensure the quality and balanced habitat of species.

May 02, 2016