Alert: Your Body is in Stress or Is your body in Stress

Your body language speaks loudly about your stress, ever wondering why even your smile is not able to make an impression on others. Truth is, the more you embrace the stress the more your aura diminishes.

Notice this fact that when your favorite person is around you he/she gives you the vibes which overwhelms you, also imagine the first date on which you were feeling so joyful and your eyes were sparkling with stars, when good times and good mood can be reflected by the body so readily, imagine what stress can do.

You are always in consumption mode in stress, yes this killing source eats your body fuel and corrupts it, you feel exhausted every time, due to which a simple or petite issue can make you angry. Your body is always tired  along with it you clinched your fist, your forehead is full of worries. Your body will be stiff as you will be holding it, when your body language portrays you are not going to open up with the person in front (as stress will make you to sit in low-pose and crossed hands and legs) it ruins the negotiations and positive impact of yours. Your face is always without smile and even with smile the energy deficiency is shown to the world and yourself.

Stressful nights will lead you to No sleep and it will make you absent minded eventually, with it don’t forget the dark circles, which will make you feel lethargic. When mind is not at rest, it doesn’t function well, imagine your car steering going left when you want to go right, what will happen, it will create chaos.

Yes! Chaos in you  internally and externally.

You will complain about sickness, you will sick as stress has squeezed

  • Good sleep
  • Sound mind and
  • Rational and
  • Logical thinking

Combining all this – frustration which  leads to depression. Even it makes you so fragile that you can be termed as ‘always on sad mode system’, it doesn’t mean showing emotions is bad, however, when you are stressed you become so tender to handle anything and the end result is tears flow from eyes without any reason or on every issue. Trust me on this : you would not like to cry in an official meeting or in the gang party time of yours BECAUSE that hurts more, shows we are incapable of handling circumstances. Not only professional life will be hampered your personal life will be at stake too, needless to say your sexual life will be hampered by it and it can lead to problem in love life of yours.

I will be the partner to combat stress in your daily life, did it myself, however I am not a medical adviser, I am more of a life coach and lifestyle adviser. With self struggling and self healing I am sure if I can tackle things so CAN YOU. So, here we go:

Adapt these techniques to make sure physically and mentally you can tackle stress:

In morning wake up and make your bed, this easy step will be the first organized step of the day. It will give you feeling of accomplished task of the day and in Night you will get a clean bed to sleep.

Drink water and water and water: No caffeine, as it dehydrate body, you can drink green tea or warm water with lemon or hydrotonic drink. It will activate your liver and body system.
Plan your day and try to stick to it, even if you will accomplish fifty percent of the task it will give you confidence and hope that you will do better than the previous day.

Don’t overindulge in social media: Social media is a place to mingle with others it is not a major part of your existence, so accept this fact that your life is yours and you have to make it beautiful for your sake not for others. Set a time limit for yourself for your social media activity.

Imagine the beautiful hours you spend on TV & internet that can be utilize in learning new skill or sport. Learn and do the activities which you have kept on hold for no reason, we have one life then why to stop self from enjoying the beauty of life.

Dance, sing, do crazy stuff like nobody cares and if someone do then you don’t have to live on the recommendations of others. Love yourself and you will love everything around you, there will be no need of worries and stress. So, relax, breathe and enjoy the life to fullest and don’t forget to pamper your physical body along with the mind.