WATER diet: All about it.

My water broke: Now, we all have heard these words, if not in real life then of course in sitcoms, so what does it signify apart from the new life that is going to embrace you. It also, defines the importance of water, in water only the egg can survive and turn into a functional human baby. Water is crucial part of our existence.

Even Scientists have claimed that if there is water on Mars, there is possibility of life existence. Before we take care of anything else let us come to our planet and specifically ourselves, with the current conditions due to our unhealthy ways (thanks to our full of comfort yet stressful life) we are tangled with plethora of diseases, and the worst one which is host to many is Obesity.

So, how to get rid of this obesity from our physical being? Let us brush up some basics before we decide on a certain yet specific and easy methodology to cleanse our system. We all know our body composition consists of water i.e. the stakes of water is more than 50% (inside us). Our brain being the boss has more than 80% of water. So, does it gives hints that where we are wrong when it comes to our diet, instead of plain drinking water we are consuming soda, caffeine, colas, flavored water and what not to quench our thirst, however it is not hydrating us. Metabolism which turns our food into energy, even a minute cell requires water to perform action, so now you must have understood water is synonym of life for us. So, is there a way to make our life healthy with the consumption of water, the answer is yes, WATER DIET,  a healthy, simple yet effective way to detox, cleanse and remove toxins from your body.


Water DIET

Some other benefits are

It helps in reducing overeating of food.

It will reduce craving of junk food (water will perform body function at optimum level and thus reduce lethargic nature of ours and in turn will help in reducing our craving).

Sometimes we are thirsty however, our brain takes it as ‘hungry’ mode, so water diet assists in informing that ‘you are thirsty not hungry’.

What is Water Diet? Why one should follow WATER diet?

Water Diet in simple terms is replenishing the basic entity i.e. water in your system, by drinking at least 2 liters of water daily. Water is significant we have already read above so to maintain the proper functioning of our internal system it is easy yet magical diet to do.

Is there a best time to drink Water?

Yes there are more benefits of water diet if you drink it. After waking up, first thing you should do is to drink water instead of tea or coffee, it will start the functioning of body minus any caffeine, you will feel relieved,.

Next, best time is to drink water before and after 30 minutes of your meal time. Before will help you in ‘feeling’ full and after will make ‘digestion’ takes its own time.

Can you drink water at one go?

No, not recommended, as eventually body will pass it through urine. You can drink a liter in morning as it will help in checking constipation issue; water will itself create ‘pressure’ inside to get rid of waste from body. Don’t consider your alcohol consumption as water intake, fact is, it will make body dehydrated.

Is there anything important to know doing water diet?

Yes, you need to make sure your intake of sodium and potassium is optimum, minimum sodium intake should be between 6 grams to 10 grams a day and water should be consume in normal room temperature.

Also, an active lifestyle along with our 30 day healthy eating plan is a sure way to get drastic positive effect, also make sure you don’t sit for long hours and stretch your body after waking up and after every hour if you are in desk job.

Initially every new step is hard; however, we humans can do anything, so once you keep this in mind, your health issues will be taken care of easily. Don’t give up on healthy habits and water diet, gradually it is going to assist you to maintain a healthy life and don’t forget the added benefits of young-wrinkle free hydrate skin that is the perk of this Water Diet.



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May 2, 2016