Telenor revamps their customer services

January 5, 2016 Off By ridhi

Telenor India has entered the market with a new brand philosophy without letting go of its position created through the ‘Sabse Sasta’ brand campaign, which was designed for mass market appeal by Uninor. The company has extended its reach by improving upon their own brand image and creating the ‘Ab Life Full Paisa Vasool Campaign’

The Norwegian company has invested 80-100 crores to establish and significantly transform the company’s retail presence across the six sectors it operates in and create a new brand image without losing their old charm. The company has retained the logo and only changed the company name.

By revolutionising the current network systems for advanced solutions, the company is getting future ready. They are transforming 5000 towers out 2400 towers to provide high speed internet services by the end of the year in all sectors.

The company began introducing changes into their operating structures early this year. They began streamlining their call centre services by introducing the latest cutting edge tools to improve customer satisfaction. The introduction of multi-lingual *121# self-help menus, updated single IVR systems and improved the capabilities of their training staff to enable them to provide quick solutions to customer queries has enhanced their customer base and increased customer satisfaction. These changes have made it easier for customers to use the services and obtain better solutions to their queries.

Telenor is stepping into the new with the promise of offering more for less in each transaction. Also, the company has taken up the issue of call drops, and has created an industry first-initiative to provide compensation for call drops. In addition, it has introduced one its kind free insurance service for prepaid users across all sectors. Furthermore, they have introduced products like ‘Rocket Recharge’ that helps subscriber customise their tariff plans based on their usage.

Telenor had a few rocky years in the Indian market, but stuck through them and now holds the 4th positon in the sectors it operates in. Through their affordable services and innovative products, Telenor is aiming to build a larger customer base. With expansion on their mind, the Norway based company has obtained more spectrums in 4 out 6 of their existing sectors along with increasing their reach to Assam.

Telenor was operating other sectors including Mumbai and Kolkata, but due to a directive passed the government, these service were discontinued. However, they have been garnering a healthy customer base in their other sectors.