Aamir Will Remain The Brand Ambassador of Incredible India

Speculations were around that Aamir Khan has been removed from the Incredible India campaign, which promotes the tourism across the globe and motivated domestic tourism. The news was around the media circles that the decision is taken, however a notification has cleared the air. Ministry of Tourism in its Press Release notification stated that there is no change in the marketing strategy. Aamir Khan will remain the face and Brand Ambassador of India. Here is the notification.

Statement of Ministry of Tourism

In response to certain news reports appearing in the media, about Shri. Aamir Khan, the Ministry of Tourism clarifies that there is no change in the stand of the ministry in this matter.

The Ministry further clarifies that at present it has a contractual agreement with creative agency Mc Cann Worldwide to produce social awareness campaign and the said campaign featured Shri. Aamir Khan.


Sanjay Kumar/Tourism/06.01.2016

This news was considered as a reaction of government towards the “intolerance” debate that arouse when he spoke about the concern of his wife during an award ceremony. BJP’s IT and Digital Communication head Amit Malviya shared a tweet, which he denied comfortably later.

Incredible India

Incredible India

It seems like the rumor spread more than fire and to extinguish them the supply of water which has been poured immediately produce enormous amount of smoke, and smoke burns and blurs eyes.

Well the official notification has extinguished the “another rumor” that could have heated the debate across India, like previous one, which was just a personal statement of his wife. We made that one-line concern into an international cliché. A tweet from a responsible post created the news which could have created a havoc situation and that would have proved that indeed Our county and Our government is intolerant.

Jan 06, 2016