Airlift Trailer Will Tell You The Forgotten Story Of Biggest Air Evacuation

One Man Who put risk his life and his family to do the right thing, that’s what the trailer shows. Film is based on true incident starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur as Ranjit Katyal and his wife, who fought to save Indians working in Kuwait when Iraq invaded in Kuwait. Ironically he also mentioned that Indians when work outside forget that we are Indians and when there is an issue and a problem we look up-to India as Indians. Pain and dilemma of 1,70,000 Indians who were earning bread and butter in Kuwait and were almost settled there with life savings living lavish life turned into homeless and bankrupt people from other nation in few hours.

Watch the trailer and tell us if you also feel that at 2.25 has best line of the trailer.


We are sure you would have got goose bumps towards the end of the trailer; the music of Vande Matram gives hopes and tell us not to fear the danger. Surely, this movie will make you feel proud as an Indian. Movie is set to release on 22nd Jan’16. A must watch movie don’t forget to tell your views about it. Like, Share and comment on our page and Stay updated with all the news and reviews.

Jan 08,2016