New Ways to achieve your desired Weight

Lifestyle has changed drastically in the technology driven world and we have to be in productive, energetic spirit to remain ahead in the race and competition of the world.

Well, in short you need to be in good health to achieve all. Health is WEALTH, and there is no denying the fact that your healthy ways will pave the way to success. We all know what to do and what not to do for weight loss or weight gain, HOW to be healthy, so what makes the difference is whether we are doing it or not. Weight loss or gain is no Rocket Science, just eat healthy and exercise it is that simple.  So, what new you can do to enhance your weight loss process. You can with a little variation, can try some different set ups and increase aura in your environment by these simple steps.


For weight loss try healthy fasting with exercise: Make sure you do fasting to make sure body increase the fat burning process. For weight gain- Healthy eating habit is essential.

Sleep of 8 hours is crucial to remain healthy. It is the process to re-energize the body and brain.

Have Fun while doing exercise, regular gym and running on treadmill give boredom sometimes, however if you will have fun while doing exercise it will no longer be a monotonous deal.

Try to learn new activity or sport like hiking, Trekking, football, basketball, mountaineering, Rock climbing, diving, skiing & mountain-biking etc. List is endless just choose your interest area and give it a kick-start.

Leave Stress at outside your bed and follow some good bedtime rituals like no smartphones, laptops and TV around bed time.  Do meditate or read book to relax yourself.

Feed your brain with good quotes and thoughts. Do some brain exercises also. It is essential to play games and puzzles to sweat your brain. Why it is essential to obtain weight gain or less? Well, everything is in hand of brains, witty, well our brain is supreme, so if brain is functioning and performing well in result the body will also function at an optimum level.

The magical formula to reach and achieve your goals is to follow basics, which we are forgetting or not doing do to our procrastination.

Jan 29, 2016