And You Thought Potato Is Just Ordinary!

If we talk about food, the most Over-Used and most Under-Rated vegetable will be Potato. This could add insult to the injury that without potato many dishes are incomplete, yet you thought potato is just an ordinary veggie. Thanks to weight loss panic, potato has been seen has enemy. Reality is weight gain has nothing to do with potato; it is due to intake of “heavy, fried, whole flour and various other constituents” which increases weight.

Potato is an instant energy booster, bake them, fry them, or cook them or grill them, it follows the principle of “water” take every form and mix up easily.  Potatoes in one way cam make dish delicious and filling. So, liberate and relish on some mouthwatering dishes of potato we are going to share with you:


Dum Aloo in Lucknow style: Lakhnawi Dum Aloo is different than other normal Dum Aloo, in this dish it is a sumptuous mix of fried potato with paneer, drowned in rich onion and tomatoes gravy.

Fc-Dum Aloo in Lucknow style

Indian Burger: Vada Pav -Nothing can beat the taste of desi Indian VADA Pav with tangy chutney. Covered in chickpea flour it is wholesome food in its own and yummy too!

Fc-Indian Burger

Dilli ki Aan Ban aur Shann: Aloo Chat -We have a whole movie named after this snack however; take it in a limited amount as it is fried.

Fc-Dilli ki Aan Ban aur Shann Aloo Chat

Potato baked with Garlic cream -Thin slices of potato covered in Garlic cream and baked our version of Pie, not sweet though.

Fc-Potato baked with Garlic cream

Masala Aloo: A delicious vegetable cooked for dinner when there is nothing available, well that’s sad but potato doesn’t mind mingling with tomato and green chilies to make a yum-yum dinner for all.

Fc-Masala Aloo

Chatpate Aloo: Made with the amalgamation of various spices like aromatic masalas, lemon juice, asafoetida, ginger and green chilies, is the best side-dish to make in a jiffy.

FC-Chatpate Aloo

Sweet potato with sesame seeds:  Diet conscious people can consume this dish without any guilt.  Take a spoon of olive oil and put sesame seeds when it will crackle then add boil sweet potato, sauté it and Voila! A health friendly dish is ready.

Fc-Sweet potato with sesame seeds

Mashed potato with caramelized onion and cheese: Well it will be great breakfast dish, along with easy preparations.

Fc-Mashed potato with caramelized onion and cheese

Potato is the kitchen-friendly humble veggies, do your own experiment with it, it will surely not disappoint you. Make sure you also use the skin of potato as it has nutrients, even if you will rub the raw potato on your face and skin, your blemishes will also vanish after a certain time-period.  Are you thinking that Potato should be made the king of vegetables? Let us know in the comment box below.

Jan 15, 2016